Design Mission: Just like the magic that converts flour and water into delicious pasta, design, manufacturing and refinement will help me achieve my mission of elevating experiences through the collaboration of both physical and psychological textures. 

Yunwen TU (Tutu): I am currently an Industrial Design graduate student at California College of the Arts, San Francisco. To further my design thinking, especially in product design, design research and design methodology, I am exploring design through deep research and experimental design. 

More recently my interests surround the eating experience, food manufacturing process, and exploring food as design materials. Designing for those needs has been extremely educational for me. 

I also pride myself in having empathy towards studying people and consumer behavior for my design. My past projects have proven that my sensitivity to user habits has been of great value. I believe that as a designer I have the power to push boundaries and explore unchartered territories. Through this exploration I can create moments of wonder and delight in the consumer, resulting in design innovation and breakthroughs.